Our goal is to offer you food products with the best quality and the highest nutrient content, which people have started to call superfoods.

Superfoods are food products of natural origin, which are positioned between regular food products and medicinal products, which have a long-term cultural background and a very high nutrient content.

Our Earth it is known to be the home for over 1.8 million live organisms, from sincle-cell organisms to extremely complicated humans. This also includes foods with a particularly high nutrient content, which have been occupying a significant position in the history of many cultures. These food products have subsequently been named “superfoods”. The most important aspect here is to understand, what makes these food products “superfoods”, and what value can they offer you?

Superfoods are naturally produced foodstuffs with unique healing properties and that often have truly therapeutic effect on our health.

The best food products from different high-evolved cultures and continents have generally played a crucial role as a part of ancient healing systems, and most of the superfoods are associated with historical stories, mysticism and legends. The modern scientific research has demonstrated high nutrient contents and rare ingredients contained in different superfoods. The majority of superfoods are excellent sources of proteins, and many of them contain amino acids essential for our bodies. Some of the superfoods are so-called adaptogens, which help our bodies to adapt, i.e. to adjust to changes in the environment, e.g. stress. Superfoods are characterised by excellent absorption properties and low level of waste matter. These foods put the least strain on our bodies and offer an abundance of nutrients in a maximally condensed and easily usable form. All superfoods contain a large quantity of vitamins, minerals and bioactive ingredients. Although superfoods are often associated with being trendy it serves to remember that these foodstuffs have been used for food longer than any other on this planet. From the cultural history aspect the majority of the main food products in our daily food intake are indeed much closer to food trends. We have been eating margarine for the last 20 years, while chia seeds have been in human consumption for thousands of years. Nevertheless, superfoods should not be confused with “new and magic food additives” or with “trendy weight-loss products”.